Hi! I'm Marvin Ackermann a software engineer from Karlsruhe Germany. I'm currently studying Computer Science at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. In addition to my continuing studies and work as a software engineer at ABONA Germany, I'm working on several hobby projects which are presented here on this site.

Wizard Bros.
This game is the most recent I'm working on. It will be an arena battle game like Towerfall Ascension and Super Mario Smash Bros. where you can fight your friends with different elemental spells you choose at the beginning. Everything is still work in progress and mostly placeholder art and will look completely different in the final game!

Get of my Lawn!
Get of My Lawn! is our result of the Global GameJam 2019. The theme of this GameJam was "Home". So we decided to make a game about a retired monster which just wants to retreat to its homestead, relax and take care of its garden. But the heroes it tortured before are now back to seek revenge and won't let it have its retirement.
My journey with Banyan began in late 2015. After the first game I made with other students called Wedloop (further information down below) one other member of the team and I decided to make another game. We wanted to make something small which is seemingly easy and fast to realize. We decided to go for a story driven mobile platformer: Banyan. After developing it for over a year and bringing it with us to Devcom, we saw that it was unreasonable to complete in the little free time we have in between work and studying. So we decided to lay it to rest for now.

If you're still interested you can check the game and our development efforts out on our developer and project page http://www.creativity-overflow.de.
As mentionend before Wedloop is an old university project made from design to shipping within six months in a group of six students. We only had six weeks for implementation and another four weeks for bug fixing and testing. The game was made using jMonkeyEngine 3 and Java. You can download the finished game here. You can also take a look at this short trailer to get a glimpse of the game. Below are also a few screenshots of our new procedural terrain generation which is placing trees and bushes beside the track.
Photography is another hobby of mine. A nice little side effect is to experience nature closer and more intimate. You can check out my photographs on Instagram, Flickr or look at some of my shots below.

Long have you been shining above us all,
Nursing us in between the stars,
Helping us healing our scars,
Someday when we certainly fall.
It has to be lonely up there,
Lonely drifting through space,
Your brothers and sisters in another place,
No one here to share and care.
But after all we are here to hear,
What lies behind and what before,
What’ll live on forevermore,
What is now opaque will soon be clear,
The time is right, are getting near,
Letting go of our eternal fear.
Please don't let us come back,
Without your gift of knowing,
Without you showing,
What we on earth so severely lack.
We swear we’ll come to you one more time,
And visit you with many gifts,
We’re sure you’ll bloom and shine,
And hope the tides of our time will shift.
See you soon oh Moon!

Der Ozean
Offenbare was in dir ruht,
Zeige was noch niemand sah,
Deine innere Glut,
Die dort einsam war.
Zeig mir ein anderes Gesicht,
Dein unverkennbares Lied,
Dein eigenes Gedicht,
Das niemand sieht,
Dein inneres Licht,
Das verborgen liegt.

Es sei mein Leuchtturm,
In finsterer Nacht,
Dein Heiligtum,
Das über uns wacht.

Ein Schleier vor dem Geist,
Die Mauer brüchig und nicht fest,
Der Gedanke entgleist ...
Bleib hier, geh nicht fort,
Nur hier, doch nicht dort!
Zurück, zurück nicht zum Rest!
Warm, schwarz, glühende Nacht,
Wie viele Nächte haben wir hier verbracht,
Du stehst vor mir doch bist nicht hier,
Was haben wir blos gemacht.
Müde jung, doch fühle ich mich alt,
Fallende Lieder, schmerzende Glieder,
Das Bett, mir kalt und zuwider,
Morgen sehn wir uns wieder,
Zur gleichen Zeit am gleichen Ort.
Im Wald spazieren, nein marschieren!
Was ist los, wo seid ihr hin?
Ach mein Kind, dein Ball ist drin.
Vergangen die Zeit,
Doch immer da und dort,
Alles weiß, verwaschen, gewaschen,
Nimm meine Hand, ich will nicht fort.
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